Call Her Ganda

"As suspenseful as it is moving."

- Hollywood Reporter

"Heartbreaking and inspirational."

- Hollywood Reporter

"Unflinching and eye-opening"

– NOW Magazine


– The Villager



"Exceptionally powerful"

– Point of View Magazine


– Moveable Fest

“A galvanizing call to arms”

– Moveable Fest


– Filmmaker Magazine


– Filmmaker Magazine

"A powerful message"

– Let The Movies Move Us

"Demands our respect"

– The Young Folks

"An emotional rollercoaster"

– Unseen Films


– LA Times

"Potent and eye-opening"

– Chicago Reader

"One of the year’s timeliest films"

– them.

"Required viewing"

– CNN Philippines
2018 Tribeca Laurel Official Selection
Frameline 42 Official Selection Laurel

2018 LAPFF Winner Laurel
2018 HotDocs Laurel
2018 P&G LA


We, as filmmakers and as activists, are committed to helping the Laude Family and Atty. Virginia Suarez obtain #Justice4Jennifer by offering a direct way for you to lend financial support as the fight continues.

Atty. Suarez continues to diligently devote her time and expertise – pro bono. The Laude Family continues to pay off unexpected debt accrued from travel, loss of work, loss of Jennifer’s financial contributions, and numerous unplanned expenses such as funeral arrangements. With the case pending appeal, all potential financial settlements awarded by the judge are currently suspended.

Any support that you can provide will go towards their efforts and will ultimately help bring to light very important and critical issues surrounding this case; and bring Justice for Jennifer as well as peace to the Laude family.

Donations over $200 USD are tax-deductible in the US. Please email for further details.