Call Her Ganda

"As suspenseful as it is moving."

- Hollywood Reporter

"Heartbreaking and inspirational."

- Hollywood Reporter

"Unflinching and eye-opening"

– NOW Magazine


– The Villager



"Exceptionally powerful"

– Point of View Magazine


– Moveable Fest

“A galvanizing call to arms”

– Moveable Fest


– Filmmaker Magazine


– Filmmaker Magazine

"A powerful message"

– Let The Movies Move Us

"Demands our respect"

– The Young Folks

"An emotional rollercoaster"

– Unseen Films


– LA Times

"Potent and eye-opening"

– Chicago Reader

"One of the year’s timeliest films"

– them.

"Required viewing"

– CNN Philippines
2018 Tribeca Laurel Official Selection
Frameline 42 Official Selection Laurel

2018 LAPFF Winner Laurel
2018 HotDocs Laurel
2018 P&G LA

Support our Partners

Allyship and solidarity is crucial to the success of the #Justice4Jennifer movement. Support our partners in the US and the Philippines in their work to fight U.S. imperialism, militarism, and violence against trans people. Donate. Volunteer. Find local organizations in your area to support and ensure the rights of every everyone including trans and gender non conforming individuals.

#WontBeErased #TransLivesMatter #HumanRights

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